About Calm Leisure...

about_usCompany ethos is to deliver a range of products that are innovative in design; incredibly comfortable and purposeful.

I am absolutely committed to manufacturing our products within the United Kingdom and we aim to use sustainable textiles as much as possible. I want customers to be reassured that the Calm Leisure brand means true value for money with the added knowledge that you are also investing in and supporting the British manufacturing industry.
Calm Leisure Ltd is owned by Anne Kavanagh and is Herefordshire based, it was registered in May 2012. My ideas and ideals together  define the business ethos and core values.
I work very closely with  my British manufacturers and designers to develop products right from design through to colour and finish. This has been an enjoyable process of development as I ensure my products are fit for purpose. Some of the yarn has to be imported as unfortunately it cannot be sourced directly in the United Kingdom; however the rest of the process; pattern design, cutting, sewing, are all UK based. 
annekavanghAs well as hard work it has been a fun journey so far, as I trial the products myself and also ask independent testers to try before finalising our patterns ensuring we are on the right tracks. I am open to ideas and welcome feedback on  products as Calm Leisure plan to further develop its brand and range as driven by you a valued customer.
Our trial testers include, Jess Dunn, Kate cowell and Sharon Hunt, Tamsin Drew and Daisy Coakley 
Thank you for taking time to read about us and, if you purchase a Calm Leisure product, I sincerely hope it meets your expectations as it met ours.